For You Hostel Sevilla



When the project began to take shape a couple of months ago, we started on a new journey, filled with projects and ideas, and with many expectations and dreams to fulfil.


Counting down the minutes until we welcome our first guest, with smiles ready and tons of excitement before the upcoming opening of For You Hostel Sevilla.


“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create”  


We were passionate about the idea of being able to imagine a space that was in keeping with the young and relaxed trend, opting for designer decor, cosy spaces and shared rooms.


The Hostel is characterised by its unbeatable location, in the historic centre of Seville, which enables millennials and Youth Hostel users to visit the main tourist attractions of the city by foot.


“If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, here, we will fill your glass to the brim” 


The building has been renovated using an innovative design, which sets it apart from traditional accommodation and will definitely impress guests. As well as offering a range of leisure activities, we promote cultural exchange and immersion into the local culture of Seville. 


We have 20 rooms of different sizes, from family rooms to rooms for a maximum of 10 people. With or without a terrace, complete with bed linen, a set of towels, a private locker, air conditioning and heating, power sockets and a reading lamp on every bed, a full bathroom in the room, with separate showers and toilets, and free WIFI.



“Dream big” 


“Dream it, plan it, do it” 



The shared areas are full of magic. The terraces, patios and cafeteria are areas that we take great care of. If we add your company, and your friends too, it’s impossible to imagine a better place to have a good time.


“Sleep all night, enjoy all day” 



“Beer, tapas and conversations”


We will fill your stay with live music and advice on local gastronomy. You can buy your museum tickets, rent bicycles and organise countless other activities directly from the reception.


We will be your ambassadors if you decide to set off on a solo adventure to explore Sevilla,  the Andalusian capital, and we will tell you all its secrets.



We will introduce our team to you very soon so that you can get to know us a bit more and so that, from now on, you can consider us as YOUR SEVILLIAN FRIENDS.



Tell us what you need, what you are looking for, what you expect… We are sure we can personalise your stay.



Reserve now on our website.



Enjoy it, live it and share it!!

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