Seville on film

There is no doubt that Seville is the perfect place to escape to.


Did you know that it is also an ideal place to shoot a series or a film? In fact, many of your favourite films are set in Seville.



Over the last few years Seville has become a popular movie stage. And directors such as Buñel or David Lean have already used the Andalusian capital as the setting of their masterpieces.


Many producers and directors have wanted to include scenes from Seville. The most popular places are the Plaza de España, the Real Alcázar and Triana.


These are our top 10:


Star Wars 


The most-filmed Spanish architectural monument could be none other than the Plaza de España. Its colour and design make it the perfect place to set incredible scenes.


George Lucas chose it to be the Palace of Naboo in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.


Lawrence of Arabia 




This was one of the first blockbuster films that focused on Seville, in 1962. The city was almost completely paralysed. The film used the halls of the Palaces of Seville to bring to life the headquarters of the English Army in Jerusalem.


Its director, David Lean, used renowned actors such as Omar Sharif and Antony Queen for the main characters.


Kingdom of Heaven



This film tells a story that takes place during the time of the Crusades. The Real Alcázar was used as the palace of King Balduino in Jerusalem.


The director is the famous Ridley Scott and, thanks to him, in 2005, actors as famous as Orlando Bloom or Liam Neeson could be seen around Seville.


The Conquest of Paradise


Ridley Scott is very familiar with Seville. In 1992, the director shot one of his masterpieces “1492: The Conquest of Paradise”, on the adventures of Christopher Columbus.


Scott filmed in the Casa de Pilatos and the Real Alcázar, as well as in cities like Salamanca. Filming generated much interest in Spain, particularly because it coincided with the Seville Expo ‘92.


Knight and Day




Its director, James Mangold, managed to move the San Fermin festival to Seville in 2010, together with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.


Through the streets of Seville, they flee from the villains. They are pursued to the limit, and the love story of the protagonists begins to develop.


The city also fell head over heels for Hollywood during the premiere, since it hosted a world-famous event, the film premiere of Knight and Day.



 Spanish Affair



One of the most popular Spanish films of recent years, it also chose Seville for the beginning of the romantic comedy of which Amaia and Rafa are the protagonists.


From the typical bar on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, the scenes in the neighbourhood of Triana, at the Torre del Oro and the Giralda, to a Los del Río concert.


Visiting this area is simple and, of course, it’s free since all you have to do is wander around and stop in one of the kiosks to have a soft-drink or a beer and enjoy this stunning view of the city.



The Motive


Some corners of Seville form part of the locations for “The Motive”, a film directed by Manuel Martín Cuenca.


The film is shot in different parts of Seville, and it ensures that the city fills this story of a frustrated writer with its essence.


A good deal of the scenes take place in a neighbourhood community, although you can enjoy many location shots of Seville when you watch The Motive.


Game of Thrones


Although this is a series not a film, no one before had ever taken Alcázar as far as the creators of Game of Thrones, who converted it into the Palace of Dorne, one of the seven kindgoms.


Scenes were filmed in various locations: In the Ambassadors’ Hall, in the Baths of Doña María de Padilla and in the Gardens of Real Alcázar.


Nobody Knows Anybody 


This was the first film by Mateo Gil, starring Eduardo Noriega and Paz Vega, together with Natalia Verbeke and Jordi Mollá. It premiered at the end of 1999.


The last Easter week of the millennium was the chosen moment, and Sevilla was the ideal setting to perform this macabre game, a roleplay with fatal consequences.


Various locations in the centre of the capital were chosen, as well as the site of the Expo ‘92.


Tu hijo


This film hasn’t been released yet, but, as far as we can tell, it promises to be very interesting.


José Coronado will be the protagonist in this new film by Sevillian director Miguel Ángel Vivas.


It was filmed during the winter in various locations in Seville, such as the neighbourhoods of Triana and Los Remedios, or Altadis, the former tobacco factory.


We believe that Seville can establish itself as a film set and that many directors will choose us to show the world the wonders of our city.


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