Rooms for all tastes

Discover all the types of room we offer at For You Hostel Seville and choose the one you like best. Rooms with multiple capacities, all with bathroom in the room, high speed WiFi connection, individual lockers, air conditioning, and some with a terrace.

Consult availability and if you would like to book any whole room, indicate this in your booking so we can confirm it for you.

At For You Hostel Seville, we want your stay to be perfect.

Room with 4 beds

Room with 4 beds and terrace

Family Room for 4 people

Room with 6 beds

Female room with 6 beds

Room with 8 beds

Room with 10 beds and terrace

Room with 10 beds

The strong points of all our rooms

  • room
    In the centre
    of Seville
  • wifi
    Free High speed
  • airline_seat_individual_suite
    Rooms with
    exclusive terrace
  • group_add
  • wc
    Fully-equipped bathroom
    in the room
  • https
    private lockers